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News | Nov. 10, 2023

A Veterans Day message from the 75th USARIC commanding general

By Maj. Gen. Martin Klein 75th United States Army Reserve Innovation Command


This Saturday, we honor generations of patriots whose courage and sacrifice earned them the title, “veteran.” For those who answered our nation’s call to safeguard its people and interests, the word goes far beyond the right to recall war stories, qualify for discounts and collect hard earned benefits. It’s a badge of courage that unites the world’s finest Soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen and guardians. Their selfless sacrifice defends the idea of America — a promise of freedom and equality, justice and democracy, hope and possibility.   

On Aug. 9, CSM Turner, CW5 Horn and I visited the home of Mr. Frank Chambers to wish him a happy 100th birthday. Chambers served among the stalwart Soldiers from the 75th Infantry Division as they fought one of the most brutal engagements of World War II – the Battle of the Bulge. Chambers valiant fight at the front earned him a Bronze Star and the French Legion of Honor.  

We were in awe of our host’s clear recollection of those frigid days and frozen nights that mingled humor with horror, fear with ferocity, and boredom with bedlam. When we shook hands with this hero, the past, present and future converged, forging an unbreakable bond built on values the United States Army bestows on every Soldier.  

The Soldiers, civilians and families of the 75th U.S. Army Reserve Innovation Command uphold the legacy of Chambers, his comrades, and all veterans who came before us by shaping the way our successors will fight and win future wars. The hard- fought lessons they learned in the forests of Belgium, the jungles of Vietnam, the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan taught us the necessity of recruiting talented men and women who develop cutting edge tools and frontier technology to fight and win the wars of tomorrow.  

Our small but gifted command boasts professionals who push the boundaries of robotics, cyber security, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, and other highly technical specialties to rapidly enhance the Army’s strategic readiness. They are engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and project managers. Most importantly, the men and women of the 75th U.S. Army Reserve Innovation Command are veterans. They have sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and in doing so have delivered ideas, systems and capabilities that solve the Army’s toughest problems.  

On behalf of my amazing team of Soldiers, civilians, and their families, we hope that you will join us in honoring our veterans by living through their example – putting service before self, caring for our neighbors, and working passionately to build a more perfect Union dedicated to all who desire liberty and justice for all. 

Happy Veterans Day and Make Ready!

v/r, mfk MARTIN F. KLEIN Major General, USA Commanding General 75th Innovation Command 10949 Aerospace Avenue Houston, TX 77034